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Hello Everybody!!
We are Anindya & Pratyay, Japanese Language teachers and translators. Presently we are teaching at a Japanese Language Learning Centre in our hometown, Kolkata-India.

The most interesting part of language learning is experiencing another culture. For, Language does not exist apart from culture, that is, the socially inherited assemblage of practices and beliefs that determines the texture of our life. The study of Japanese language offers unique insights into Japan’s fascinating national culture, which boasts a rich heritage in the fields of native craftsmanship, performance art, visual art, music, film and graphic design. Anyone who can see and feel the beauty of the Japanese Language and culture can improve her/his cultural understanding and international awareness. It also helps one to gain an enhanced perspective of one’s own language and culture.

Through this Blog we would like to offer and share our knowledge and exchange our views & ideas with you all on Japanese language and culture. Let’s expand our possibilities both professionally and personally by learning Japanese.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Book release on Tagore's association with Japan

After a long expectation the proceedings of the seminar that took place on March last year, has been released. The book will be available at stall no-471 and also at 3rd stall of 3rd pavilion of Kolkata Book Fair.                         

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dr Masayuki Onishi: An Interview

Dr Masayuki Onishi is an eminent scholar, linguist and an internationally acclaimed expert of Matuna and Buin language of Bougainville (Papua New Guinea). He completed BA Course in English Language and Literature from Tokyo University in 1975. Later, he did his PhD from The Australian National University in 1994 on Linguistics. Dr Onishi had authored many books, wrote essays, presented papers and delivered numerous lectures on language and linguistics all around the world. 

Dr Onishi is also a great admirer of Bengali language, literature and culture. He did Diploma Course on Bengali Language and Literature from Jadavpur University. He regularly translates Bengali literature into Japanese and contributed in bringing out Japanese translated version of Tagore’s works. He was in Kolkata recently and we had the opportunity to meet him. Following is the extract of the interview: