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We are Anindya & Pratyay, Japanese Language teachers and translators. Presently we are teaching at a Japanese Language Learning Centre in our hometown, Kolkata-India.

The most interesting part of language learning is experiencing another culture. For, Language does not exist apart from culture, that is, the socially inherited assemblage of practices and beliefs that determines the texture of our life. The study of Japanese language offers unique insights into Japan’s fascinating national culture, which boasts a rich heritage in the fields of native craftsmanship, performance art, visual art, music, film and graphic design. Anyone who can see and feel the beauty of the Japanese Language and culture can improve her/his cultural understanding and international awareness. It also helps one to gain an enhanced perspective of one’s own language and culture.

Through this Blog we would like to offer and share our knowledge and exchange our views & ideas with you all on Japanese language and culture. Let’s expand our possibilities both professionally and personally by learning Japanese.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ikebana Worshop . Rabindra Okakura Bhavan .Kolkata

Ikebana, the tradational Japanese art of beautification with flowers is appreciated allover the world. Thanks to the effort of the Japanese Consulate and the Bharat Japan Sanskritik Kendra at Rabindra Okakura Bhavan, Saltlake Kolkata, that we Calcuttans could experience the magficience of this art. An Ikebana Workshop for Ikebana enthusiasts was organized at Rabindra Okakura Bhavan on 9th February, 2010. Eminent Ikebana Sensei Mr. Katsuhito Kurata demonstrated the craft of Ikebana in the workshop. The Ikebana Workshop was inaugurated by the Honarary ConsulGeneral of Japanin Kolkata. Following are some pictures taken at the workshop ...................