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We are Anindya & Pratyay, Japanese Language teachers and translators. Presently we are teaching at a Japanese Language Learning Centre in our hometown, Kolkata-India.

The most interesting part of language learning is experiencing another culture. For, Language does not exist apart from culture, that is, the socially inherited assemblage of practices and beliefs that determines the texture of our life. The study of Japanese language offers unique insights into Japan’s fascinating national culture, which boasts a rich heritage in the fields of native craftsmanship, performance art, visual art, music, film and graphic design. Anyone who can see and feel the beauty of the Japanese Language and culture can improve her/his cultural understanding and international awareness. It also helps one to gain an enhanced perspective of one’s own language and culture.

Through this Blog we would like to offer and share our knowledge and exchange our views & ideas with you all on Japanese language and culture. Let’s expand our possibilities both professionally and personally by learning Japanese.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blog Review: Chasing After Rainbows

Chasing After Rainbows: Alternate Dimension (Part 11)
Chasing After Rainbows by TakaHashi Haruka is awonderful blog with lots of attractive elements as links to picture gallary , japanese songs, anima etc . It is interesting to note how a 19 years college girl finds Blog as a suitatable medium for exploring the creator within. The first alluring aspect of this blog is the prodigy of songs mostly Japanese pop, however there areEnglish songs as well, also some instrumental presentation , really praise worthy. They also provide download option. Needless to say, these are Harukakun's coveted musical pieces . U can also indulge yourself in surfing Britney Spears' latest album Circus. The blog provides this useful link. The blog contains beautiful pictures and sketches also done by the creator herself. It is truly a wonderful work of a school child, but somewhere English is faulty, which is the only aspect which needs to be corrected.

URL: http://the1iam.blogspot.com/

Japanese Handwriting Fonts

Handwriting Fonts

Prior to installation of these fonts please take the time to read through the following information regarding copyright:

The copyright for these fonts belongs to Techno Advance Ltd, Japan. The company has agreed to share these fonts with teachers of Japanese on the proviso that they are for educational use and no profit is made by the use of the fonts. The company has not agreed for these fonts to be used commercially so these fonts cannot be used in any publication that is to be sold. Techno Advance Ltd and Tadashi Sakai cannot take any responsibility for any damage caused by the use of these fonts.

To install these fonts click on the links and save fonts to your desktop. Go the ‘start’ menu, ‘settings’ and then click on ‘control panel’. Click on the folder named ‘fonts.’ Drag the files you saved to your desktop into the fonts window and they will then be installed on your computer. In order to activate this font you will need to change the input setting of the language bar to hiragana.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

JLPT LEVEL II Kanji List & Vocabulary List

These are the complete lists of kanjis and vocabularies
for the JLPT - II

This Kanji list is originally published by MLC:

You need to have Adobe Reader 9 installed to view these documents.
Please download :


[Stolen from DAL GIAPPONE]

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Encyclopedia of Japan CD-ROM

Encyclopedia of JAPAN CD-ROM by KURIHARA Yoshiyuki (Administrative Director), OKAZAKI Noriyuki, KANEKO Kazuhiro (Managing Editors) Publisher: Kondansha (2000) In the course of the past two decades Japan's power to affect the rest of our planet has grown at an astonishing rate. The global reach of Japanese industry and finance and the transformative impact of Japanese technology have been felt in almost every country. Yet Japan remains an enigma to most people, inspiring unease and distrust in addition to admiration and curiosity. In part this is because Japan has faced more formidable barriers to the export of its cultural, artistic, and intellectual accomplishments than it has to the products of its industries. Even today, the volume of information on Japan that reaches other countries is pitifully small in comparison to the need.

This encyclopedia is an attempt to redress this imbalance. It is conceived as a single, comprehensive resource that will give the interested reader a key to unlocking the complex society of late-20th-century Japan. It contains a wealth of hard data on Japanese politics, government, economics, and corporate behavior, but it is also a treasury of Japanese art, culture, and history and a guide to the more subtle traditions that have shaped Japanese life and thought through the centuries. Our hope is that this encyclopedia will serve not only as a ready reference for those seeking specific information but also as an enjoyable and instructive tool for those who wish to add depth and perspective to their image of Japan and the Japanese.

The Encyclopedia of Japan CD-ROM has its own history of course, and a word here seems appropriate. This digital reference work is based on Japan: An Illustrated Encyclopedia, published in 1993. It contains almost all of the 11,000 main-text entries of that book, thousands of which have been updated to reflect changes occurring in the 1990s. There are also over 150 totally new entries on notable people, companies, events, trends, etc., of the last decade. The main-text entries range in length from 50 words to more than 4,000 and cover every area of Japanese culture and society from prehistory to contemporary science and technology. They are the work of some 1,400 scholars and specialists from Japan and 27 other countries as well as an international editorial staff.

CD-ROM version, NRG format
password: biblio

Note: Pl. burn CD or run from virtual CD (when run from virtual CD it requires correction of registry keys - search for ':\eoj\' string and correct the drive letter in the corresponding keys)

Download Code:
http://rapidshare.com/files/146581228/part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/146582237/part2.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/146581623/part3.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/146582867/part4.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/146582301/part5.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/146583711/part6.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/146582587/part7.rar

Size: 417 MB


[Stolen from DAL GIAPPONE]

70 Japanese Gestures is an excellent instruction book for students of Japanese, language teachers, business negotiators, and cross-cultural observers.
There's a lot you can say in Japanese using your hands, nose, arms, and other forms of suggestive "body" language.
This whimsical look at Japan's "language of no language" introduces 70 gestures that will help you hurl insults, flirt, excuse yourself, cross the street, and even make promises - wordlessly!
Some are deadly, some practical, some wacky, but all are genuine and used today on the street of Japan, at home, and in manga and anime.

Download code:

Saturday, November 1, 2008

カルカッタ - 見物する

カルカッタ町はイギリス時代になってから開発されました。 だからふろいお寺とか、けんちくとか歴史的に有名なものがたくさんあります。 観光をするのふさわしい期間:八月から三月まで  カルカッタ - の人口: 14ミリオン、。 カルカッタ -の面積1380平方キロメートです .

最寄の空港:ダムダムにある ネタジースバスチャンドラボス国際空港  最寄の駅: ハオラー駅  

夏の 気温: 30度 ー40度
冬の気温 :30度 -10度     
宗教:ヒンズー教、キリスト教 、イスラム教徒、             耆那教、仏教など 
電話の番号: +91033



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">カルカッタ - 歴史。:カルカッタ ーは1688年にジョブチャーラニャクから創立されたといわれています歴史的に見ると、カルカッタ 18世紀のインドのみやこになりました経済てきにも、文化的にも一番進んだ町になりました。でも1905年の後デイリーはインドのみやこになりました。 今もカルカッタ -は東インドの一番 有名な町です。カルカッタ - は世界中 にCity of Joy といわれています。
観光資源 1インドの博物館  1814年に立てられました。この博物館は 世界中の博物館では 九番目の です。
 2ビクトリア記念 所:プラネタリウムに向かいMaidanの南側に .1921年に 造られたこの建築は今 有名であるところです。           
  3競馬所 、ラビンどル橋 、ラジBhawan  、 作家のビル
  4  大理石の宮殿  、シャヒード小塔